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Title                                                                       Time-                        Key-signature                                        New Elements                                            

                                                                            signature                  (Bb instruments)                          (1st seen in fun4brass) ________________________________________________________________________________                                                                                                                                 


 1. Scaley Tune                                                                                     C major                                              Parts move together



 2. Go Tell Aunt Nancy                                                                        C major                                             Some bars’ rest


3. Jumping Giants                                                                               F major                                              Tied notes


4. Eventide (‘Abide With Me’)                                                          C major                                              Consolidating 1 – 4



5. Steal Away                                                                                       C major                                               Some accidentals



6. Fourteen Angels (Hansel and Gretel)                                         C major                                             Consolidating 1 – 5



 7. The Harmonious Blacksmith                                                      F major                                                Repeat marks



 8. Te decet hymnus (Requiem)                                                       F major                                             Independent part movement  Slurs  



 9. Poor Little Buttercup (HMS Pinafore)                                         Bb major                                           Upbeat start. Crescendo, diminuendo. Da capo e poi al Coda



10. Grandfather’s Clock                                                                    F major                                             Longer diminuendos. Staccato, legato



 11. Chanson Triste                                                                           G major                                             Consolidating 1 – 10


12. Ode to Joy (Symphony 9)                                                           F major                                            rallentando


13. Cradle Song                                                                                 F major                                           


14. Old MacDonald Had a Band                                                     F major                                         



15. This Old Man                                                                               C major                                          Consolidating 1- 14



16. Hallelujah Chorus (Messiah)                                                  G major                                          More independent entries


17. Clementine                                                                                  F major                                          upbeat start



18. Es ist genug                                                                                F major                                            Consolidating 1 - 17



19. Gaudeamus igatu                                                                      F major                                              Pause (fermata). rall.



20. Promenade (PIctures at an Exhibition)                   F major                                             Rehearsal letters


This book was compiled following requests for more material which progressed from the earliest stages. It follows the plan of fun4brass with just three exceptions: no rounds or warm-ups (but pieces consolidating recently-introduced material instead); many of the pieces here are longer than those in fun4brass, so bar numbers are used throughout; and the final piece includes shifting time-signatures.


The score includes suggestions for using the two books together in the most effective way.


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