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 1. Abanico, El                                                                A[ ] Javaloyes                                                    C – F major                                      


 2. Bridal Chorus (Lohengrin)                                     Richard Wagner                                                G major                                             


 3. British Grenadiers, The                                          Traditional English                                            F major                                            


 4. El Capitan                                                                 John Philip Sousa                                             F – Bb major                                   


 5. Entry of the Gipsies (The Two Pigeons)              André Messager                                                F – Bb major                                   


 6. Entry of the Toreadors (Carmen)                         Georges Bizet                                                    G – C Major                                    


 7. Funeral March of a Marionette                           Charles Gounod                                                C minor- C major                            


 8. Grand March (Aida)                                                Giuseppe Verdi                                                 C – F major                                      


  9. Homage March (Sigurd Jorsalfar)                       Edvard Grieg                                                      C major                                            


10. Huntsmen’s Chorus (Der Freischütz)                Carl Maria von Weber                                     F major                                            


 11. March in Scipio                                                     George Frideric Handel                                   C major                                            


12. March of the Priests (The Magic Flute)            Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart                            D major                                             


 13. March Militaire                                                      Franz Schubert                                                 F - Bb major                                      


14. Old Comrades                                                        Carl Teike                                                           F – Bb major                                     


15. Régiment de Sambre et Meuse, Le                  Robert Planquette                                             D minor- D major                             


16. Scotland the Brave                                               Traditional Scottish                                           C – D major                                      


17. Tiger Rag                                                                 Original Dixieland Jazz Band                           G – C major                                     


18. Washington Post, The                                          John Philip Sousa                                              C – F major                                     


19. Wedding March                                                    Felix Mendelssohn                                            C major                                            

       (A Midsummer Night’s Dream)    


20. With Cat-like Tread (The Pirates                       Arthur Sullivan                                                    C major                                             

          of Penzance)                                                                                                 


Marches vary in difficulty. They are sometimes given complete, sometimes abbreviated with amended melodies. Maximum ranges: Cornet 1 Bb-E (14th), Cornet 2 A-C (10th), Eb Horn B-E (11th), Euphonium F#-D (13th).


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