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fun4brass series


Please tick the title[s] that you require:


       fun4brass    morefun4brass     carols4brass     marches4brass     holst&elgar4brass     


Part No. Part No.
1(a) Bb Cornet/Trumpet 1   4(a) Bb Euph/Barit/Trom (Treble)  
1(b) Eb Soprano Cornet   4(b) Euph/Barit/Trom (Bass Clef)  
1(c) Concert Pitch Part   4X(a) Eb Bass (Treble Clef)  
2(a) Bb Trumpet/Cornet 2   4X(b) Tuba (Bass Clef)  
3(a) Eb Horn   4X(c) BBb Bass (Treble Clef)  
3(b) F Horn   DK Drum Kit  
3(c) Bb Trom/Barit/Euph (Treble)      
3(d) Trom/Barit/Euph (Bass Clef)   TOTAL NUMBER OF PARTS  

Please state the quantity of each part required.


Prices are as follows:


fun4brass                          8 parts+score   16.80/$32.00/24.00    each extra part 2.25/$5.00/3.00


morefun4brass                8 parts+score   22.80/$44.00/33.00    each extra part 2.25/$5.00/3.00


carols4brass                    8 parts+score    26.80/$46.00/38.00     each extra part 2.25/$5.00/3.00


marches4brass               8 parts+score     31.80/$60.00/46.00     each extra part 2.75/$5.50/3.50


holst&elgar4brass          8 parts+score     32.80/$62.00/48.00     each extra part 3.00/$6.00/4.50


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            Piccolo Press, 3 Hankins Court, Jacklyns Lane, Alresford, Hants, SO24 9FD.


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            Piccolo Press, PO Box 50613, Columbia, SC 29250, USA


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