Clifford Bevan


Piccolo, 2 Flutes, Oboe, 3 Clarinets, Bass Clarinet, Bassoon.

Duration: c. 4’30”.

[Easy] Composed for a group of young musicians from a Liverpool primary school, it sounds complete with only Flute, Oboe, 2 Clarinets and Bassoon. ‘Junior woodwind groups will love this well presented publication’.— Winds.

PP0008. Score & 9 parts £10.50 (extra parts £1.10; each) UK; £12.10 (extra parts £1.30) Elsewhere.

Clifford Bevan


Bassoon & Piano [original Serpent & Piano].

Duration: c. 5’00”.

[Moderately difficult] Possibly the first piece ever composed for serpent with piano accompaniment, it presents the traditional American song ‘The Pesky Sarpent’ in various guises.

PP0036. Serpent & Piano parts complete £5.50 UK; £6.33 Elsewhere.

Recorded by Douglas Yeo with Deborah Dewolf Emery on LE MONDE DU SERPENT (BHB 101 CD). This also includes a reading of the words in an authentic New England accent.


Leonard Duck


Flexible wind ensemble [Part A: Flute, BbClarinet or Soprano Saxophone; Part B: Flute, Oboe, BbClarinet or Alto Saxophone; Part C: Bb  Clarinet or AltoSaxophone; Part D: Bassoon, Bass Clarinet or Tenor Saxophone].

Duration: c. 3’45”.

[Moderately difficult] A lively work, providing opportunities for players of most orchestral woodwind and saxophones to participate. Every part is of significance. 

PP0052. Score & 8 parts £12.50 UK; £14.38 Elsewhere.


Leonard Duck


Woodwind Quartet [Part 1: Flute or Bb Clarinet; Part 2: Bb Clarinet; Part 3: Bb Clarinet; Part 4: Bass Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone or Bb Clarinet].

Duration: c. 2’15”.

[Moderately difficult] A wonderfully quirky piece, inspired by the eccentric nature of the knight’s move in chess. It is eminently playable, but the performers need to keep their eyes open for unexpected rhythms. 

PP0040. Score & 6 parts £7.50 UK; £8.63 Elsewhere.

Julius Fučik arr Kronk



Bassoon & Piano.

Duration: c. 4’40”.

[Moderately difficult] By the composer ofThe Entry of the Gladiators,who described this Der Alte Brumbär (Bear with a Sore Head) as a ‘comic polka’. The solo instrument’s genial nature is well exploited by a musician who began his career as an Austrian army bassoonist.

PP0001. Bassoon & Piano parts complete £4.80 UK; £5.52 Elsewhere.

Julius Fučik



Bassoon & Small Orchestra.

Duration: c. 4’40”. 

[Moderately difficult] Orchestration: 2121; 2000; Tp; [Pc.]; Stgs. Played by professional and youth orchestras from the USA to South Africa to Liverpool.

 PP0017. Score, Solo Bassoon & 40 parts complete£44.00 UK (Also available on hire).; £50.60 Elsewhere.


George Hall


Oboe & Piano.

Duration: c. 2’00”.

 [Moderately difficult] A gentle introduction to serial music for the adventurous oboist. The audience can enjoy this attractive music without being aware of the compositional techniques used.

PP0050. Oboe & Piano parts complete £4.80 UK; £5.55 Elsewhere.

Raymond Parfrey


4 Flutes.

Duration: c. 2’00”.

 [Moderately difficult] Modern music distinguished by a wealth of melody, as the four parts soar and dip their ways through an evocativetempo di valse.

 PP0021. Score & 4 parts £8.50 UK; £9.80 Elsewhere.


Raymond Parfrey


3 BbClarinets & Bass Clarinet.

Duration: c. 1’40”.

[Moderately difficult] A busy, bustling, sea-going work with vigorous rhythms and some very nautical syncopation.

 PP0022. Score & 4 parts complete £8.50 UK; £9.80 Elsewhere.


Raymond Parfrey


3 Bassoons.

Duration: c. 6’40”. 

[Moderately difficult] An Overture, Invention, Waltz and Scherzo provide four contrasting movements in this very idiomatic work for bassoons. 

PP0020. Score & 3 parts complete £9.80 UK; £11.30 elsewhere.

Raymond Parfrey


3 Clarinets.

Duration: c. 5’00”. 

[Easy] Four contrasting movements: ‘Marcia piccola’, ‘Shadows Ahead’, ‘Distant Chimes’ and ‘Everybody Busy’. ‘A useful addition to the school music library and useful sightreading practice’.—Clarinet & Saxophone.

PP0034 Score & 3 parts complete £7.50 UK; £8.65 Elsewhere.

Raymond Parfrey


4 Clarinets.

Duration: c. 5’00”.

[Easy] Four pieces for the improver clarinet quartet: ‘Open Air Tune’, ‘On a Distant Shore’, ‘Quick Waltz’ and ‘Hymn of Celebration’. Plenty of opportunities here to play in a range of styles. ‘The material is distributed throughout the texture to develop ensemble skills’.—Music Teacher.

PP0037. Score & 4 parts complete £7.50 UK; £8.65 Elsewhere.

Michael Regan


2 Flutes.

Duration: c. 5’00”.

[Moderately difficult] Five pieces in jazz and Latin-American styles: ‘Out of the Blue’, ‘Siesta’, ‘Fughetta’, ‘Bossa Nova’, ‘On Edge’, for two players of equal ability who are looking for a chance to explore some refreshingly different idioms.

PP0023. Playing score £4.50 UK; £5.20 Elsewhere.

Jacqueline Sansum


Clarinet & Piano.

Duration: c. 1’00”.

[Beginner] A beginner clarinettist’s first real piece! This short and attractive tune in waltz time encourages the player to bring warmth and feeling to the melodic line ‘. . . straightforward and pleasant, with a simple but effective piano part’. —Music Teacher.


PP0035. Clarinet & piano parts complete £2.80 UK; £3.25 Elsewhere.

Jacqueline Sansum


Flute & Piano.

Duration: c. 2’00”. 

[Intermediate] A wonderful windswept piece of music for flute with piano, picturing perhaps the Quantock Hills in spring with daffodills dotting the grass and white clouds overhead.

PP0042. Flute & Piano parts complete £2.80 UK; £3.25 Elsewhere.

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovskyarr Bevan


8 Flutes (2 doubling Piccolo optional) with bells and cannon.

Duration: c. 7’00”.

[Difficult] The piccolos are not essential, but toy glockenspiels and pop-guns, or involvement of the audience as artillery using paper bags, has gone down well in performance. ‘A fun, shortened version . . . that works surprisingly well . . . The scoring has lots of antiphonal effects . . .’—Pan.

PP0014. Score & 8 parts complete £11.50 UK; £13.25 elsewhere.

and for eight bassoons . . .

PP0029. Score & parts complete £11.50 UK; £13.25 elsewhere

The arrangement of 1812 for eight bass clef instruments (PP0029) has been played successfully by bassoon ensembles from USA (International Double Reed Society 2003 Conference) to Australia (Sydney High School).

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