Title                                                                                            Time-                                        Key                                                       New

                                                                                                signature                          (Bb instrument)                                         Elements

 __________________________________________________________________________________                                                                                                       _



 1. Eudoxia (‘Now the  Day is Over’)                                                                         C major                    Parts move together



 2. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star                                                                                 C major                   Some bars’ rest. Accent



 3. Au claire de la lune                                                                                                F major                  Tied notes


                 4. Fanfare                                                                                                                     C major                     Some accidentals. Repeat marks



                 5. Warm-up 1                                                                                                                                            To develop flexibility 



                                                 6. Round: Frère Jacques                                                                                           F major                Watch the conductor!


                                                 7. U.S. Marines’ Hymn                                                                                                C major                    Upbeat start. 1st and 2nd time bars



 8. All Through the Night                                                                                             G major                Independent part movement. Slurs



 9. Waltz                                                                                                                          F major                Crescendo, diminuendo. Da capo e poi al Coda



 10. Song of the Volga Boatmen                                                                               D minor               Longer diminuendos. Staccato. Legato



11. Merrily we Roll Along                                                                                            C major             More accidentals. Double bars. Handing over the melodic



 12. Round: London’s Burning                                                                                    F major               Watch the conductor!


13. Largo (‘New World’ Symphony)                                                                          C major              Cornet mutes (optional). rallentando




 14. Warm-up II                                                                                                                                                 To develop more flexibility



15. When the Saints go Marching in                                                                        F major             



16. Allegro vivace (William Tell)                                                                                G major             upbeat start  



 17. Happy Birthday to You                                                                                          F major             upbeat start. Pause (fermata)




18. God Save the Queen                                                                                              F major             rall.




19. Warm-up III                                                                                                                                                To develop flexibility even further




20. Men of Harlech                                                                                                      F major           Rehearsal letters





Glossary of notation, words and signs appearing in the music


Some notes on the composers of the music in this book


Reference chart: basic fingerings and slide positions

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