Piccolo Press publishes materials for musicians: sheet music, books and our famous Music Students Practice Diaries. We specialise in music for brass, woodwind and unusual combinations of instruments and in recent years have developed a very successful approach to ensemble material for those learning to play brass instruments. Full details of this are in the FUN4BRASS section of the site. Our book list includes books on instruments, performing practice and brass band recordings. We hope you will agree that our website is worth browsing: you may find solutions here that you havenít been able to find elsewhere.


Piccolo Press was established in 1990, growing out of MGP (Musical Graphic Publishing) founded in 1973. Much of our trade is carried out by direct mail, although titles are stocked by a number of retailers, not only in the UK and Europe but as far away as Japan. Our branch in the United States ensures that customers there can receive orders promptly and make payment in dollars. The UK base deals with sterling orders (see How to order).

In this Piccolo Press Catalogue for 2014 (cancelling all previous catalogues), there are some important changes:

1. All sheet music prices are increased by 20 per cent. This is the first price increase since 2005 and it has been been made necessary solely by the regular and punitive increases in postage costs since then. However, prices of items in the Book List remain the same.

2. As from 1 January 2014 our address has changed to:
            3 Hankins Court
            Jacklyns Lane
            SO24 9FD
            Telephone: 01962 738743
            (E-mail remains the same.)

3. We no longer accept payment in Euros. EU customers now tend to pay by PayPal (if individuals) or Bank Transfer (if in the trade). We have increasingly found PayPal to be a favourite form of payment. We do, however, still accept payment in US dollars as well as in GBP.


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